Pay Your Taxes

Who to pay and when

Pay Your Taxes

Tax basics from Minnesota DEED
Minnesota Department of Revenue Business Center

Pay Your Federal Taxes

The type of business entity you have established will determine what federal taxes you are obligated to pay to the IRS each year.

Types of Business Taxes

Find out what forms you will need to file for each type of business entity below:

Pay Your State and Local Taxes

If you haven't already, you will need to determine if you need a Minnesota Tax ID.

Minnesota Tax ID Requirements
Business Tax Registration

If you are required to have a Minnesota Tax ID, your business must pay taxes to the State of Minnesota. The legal structure of your business will determine what taxes you have to pay. The most common types of business taxes in Minnesota are:

  • Sales and Use tax
  • Income Withholding Tax
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax
Tax Information for Minnesota Businesses
Unemployment Insurance Minnesota
Minnesota Sales and Use Tax Instruction Booklet